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Over ONE HOUR of HD Video Covering Everything you Need to Know about Hitting Wedges, Including: Transitioning from the bounce to more traditional, leading edge shots How to hit Partial and Full Wedge Shots Spin Loft, Dynamic Loft, & AoA, and Why you Need to Understand These in Order to Develop an Efficient Swing Learn the correct way to achieve the coveted SHAFT LEAN at impact Faults & Fixes Covering the Most Common Swing Faults Associated with Wedge Shots Tons of Simple Swing Concepts, Thoughts, and Feels for Improving your Wedge Swing and Strategy THE “HOW” AND THE “WHY” Learn how to improve your wedge swing by learning what is important and why. After watching this video, you will understand why certain tendencies and teaching concepts can destroy a golf swing, as well as how to fix them. Learn how to achieve efficient impact conditions that will benefit your swing throughout the entire bag.

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