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The Efficient Swing COMPLETE SERIES

A progressive HOW TO guide to a longer and more accurate golf swing. The Efficient Swing is unlike any previous Rebellion Golf video. Instead of focusing on correcting faults and where golfers go wrong, The Efficient Swing provides step-by-step instructions for what SHOULD happen in an ideal golf swing. Each segment of the swing is broken down into 3 different parts:


    In INSTRUCTION, you get a state-of-the-art explanation of what that segment is all about from instructor Monte Scheinblum. In DRILLS, Monte incorporates brand new drills designed to teach the different pieces of the golf swing in a fluid and executable way. And in TEACHING, you get to watch Monte teach each segment or drill to two of his students of widely varying ability.

    The end result is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art guide to both building and improving a better golf swing that is EFFICIENT: longer and more accurate. The Efficient Swing is an ideal compliment to previous videos like DRIVE 4 DOUGH and WEDGES. It presents all new drills, thoughts, and ways of teaching that align philosophically with those earlier videos while simultaneously offering tons of new information, new drills, and entirely new ways of thinking about the golf swing.