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vinylbudgie (golfworx)

vinylbudgie (golfworx)

Use The Bounce 2.0

Lately, I've been losing one or two shots around the green... I watched ONE segment of UTB2 yesterday, didn't do any of the drills, then I went straight out and shot 1 over through 16 before it got too dark... Even par on the front 9 with 2 birdies. Several chips and pitches stone dead for par saves. Awesome stuff. Highly recommended.
Chris (golfwrx)

Chris (golfwrx)

Drive 4 Dough

Drive 4 Dough is a one stop shop for understanding the swing. With roughly 4 hours of material there's something for everyone, including those of you who feel like you've seen all of Monte's stuff and read all of his posts, and think that there's nothing else to gain by getting the video. The descriptions of setup, swing faults, misconceptions, and proper mechanics are comprehensive and unmatched anywhere.
bph (golfwrx)

bph (golfwrx)


The single best explanation I have ever seen about how (and more importantly, how not) to achieve shallow aoa and shaft lean in the golf swing.


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