Rebellion Golf Video | Use the Bounce 2.0

Use the Bounce 2.0 COMPLETE SERIES

Over 2 HOURS of world-class short game VIDEO instruction from acclaimed PGA instructor Monte Scheinblum. Viewable instantly on ALL DEVICES.

USE THE BOUNCE 2.0 includes ALL of the following:

  • BASIC MOTION SERIES: A step-by-step introduction to the basic technique
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: Descriptions and explanations of the most common mistakes
  • BUNKER SERIES: A series of videos explaining Monte's simplified bunker technique
  • SOLID PUTTING SERIES: A series on the most common putting mistakes made
  • SHORT GAME SHOTS: 12 videos covering individual specialty shots & situations


For your convenience, individual videos and video series from Use the Bounce 2.0 have been broken out and organized by topic throughout the Rebellion Golf website. Purchasing this set unlocks all of those videos on the site as well as this consolidated series page. Choosing PURCHASE from any of those individual video pages also unlocks the full USE THE BOUNCE 2.0 series.